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Regular and appropriate use of good skin care products can enhance the results of professional treatments, help to prevent premature aging, and overall promote a healthy skin! We offer our clients some of the best skin care brands available when it comes to quality, effectiveness, and price.  

What's the difference? Why choose medical-grade products? [+]
Our products are medical-grade and contain active ingredients that are clinically proven to work on correcting the skin. The active ingredients in our products -- such as retinol/vitamin A, vitamins C and E, glycolic, hyaluronic or lactic acids -- are scientifically proven to reach deeper layers of the skin where they are most effective. The concentration of active ingredients in over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products is limited to avoid harming people with the greatest sensitivity to those ingredients, and therefore, may contain very low concentrations of active ingredients. OTC non medical-grade products may not produce results because there is not a very high concentration of the active ingredient(s) or because its active ingredient(s) cannot properly penetrate the skin. Also, just because your makeup has sunscreen in it, doesn’t mean that it’s enough protection for your skin. Certain brands may claim a certain spf, but what they may not tell you is how much must be applied to achieve that level of protection. True, it’s better than no spf at all, but more is definitely needed. Taking care of your skin is an investment and does take commitment, but it’s all well worth it. And -- it may not cost as much as you think, too. Certain brands you may already be buying charge a premium for their well-branded product, regardless of the quality, and a little bit goes a very long way with Cosmeceutical (or medical-grade) skin care. Our products are designed to work together and complement our in-office treatments and we can help you choose the absolute best products for you personally. Quality products are important and necessary for optimal results.  
It's cheaper online, why shouldn't I just buy it online? [+]
It's true, various internet sites seem to offer the "same brand name medical-grade skin care products" at significant discounts. However, these products are often counterfeit, foreign, expired and relabeled with new dates, or obtained from bankrupt skin care facilities with NO GUARANTEE that the products were properly stored or even that the product is genuine before being sold to you. Unless the site is a certified retailer -- and Amazon or Ebay are most definitely not -- it is extremely difficult to trust that you will receive a genuine, non-expired product.  Remember, you are putting these products on your skin... on your face and on your body! It's likely you could even have a reaction to expired or counterfeit products, and there may not even be a way to tell if the product has been refilled or tampered with and resealed. Everyone wants to save money, but risking your health and skin care goals for a few dollars is rarely worth it.

We will honor any sale or discount offered on any of our brands' websites!
We offer fast in-office pick-up... [+]
Call 573-659-7546 (SKIN) or email info@newskinsations.com ahead anytime to request your products! We can prepare your ticket and have your products up front and ready for you to pick up.  We can also look up any item you've purchased from us, so you don't have to always know exactly what you're using.  Pay over the phone or when you come in to pick up your products.

"I use CE Ferulic with the tinted SPF every day. I now know how important it is to protect your skin. My skin tone is more even, fine lines have improved, and I love how protected, nourished and youthful my skin feels. This product is worth every penny.
- Nancy B

"These products actually work! Don't be skeptical based on past purchases of expensive products others talked you into buying like I was! I should've started my SkinCeuticals regimen here long ago. My skin finally looks and feels great!"
- Cindy S

"I am amazed at what good skin care products have done for my skin. My skin started feeling more hydrated and replenished right from the start. After about 2 months or so of using my products and just a few light peel tratments, I can already see and feel a difference in texture and tone." 
- Kathy M