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Jefferson City, Missouri


“I have been a client for over 9 years. The staff has always made me feel so special.”
- Patricia B

“I have been a client of New Skinsations for over 7 years and will continue for many more. The services refresh and rejuvenate me and the entire staff is incredible.”
- Mel A

“I have experienced many services at New Skinsations over the years. The environment is both welcoming and compassionate, and the qualified staff has always recommended exactly what I’ve needed. I would highly recommend all of their services with confidence.”
- C. V. J.


"I wasn't blessed with great eyebrows; in fact, I barely have any.  I spent years drawing them on only to have them disappear the minute any kind of moisture touched my face.  Forget swimming, any activity that made me sweat, or going without makeup in public.  But after having the microblading procedure with Lindsey, I DO have great eyebrows!  People have noticed something is different, but they aren't sure what - my eyebrows have a great shape and color and look very natural.  I couldn't be happier!"
- Rita S

"Microblading is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Lindsey took her time getting my eyebrows shaped perfectly and mixing the right color for my shade of red hair.  She told me exactly what to expect, and I felt so comfortable throughout the entire process. I love waking up with perfect brows! I love that I don't have to spend a lot of time trying to get the shape right every day or get frustrated when I can't get the color to match using makeup. If you are on the fence about microblading, I highly recommend it!"
- Chelci R

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new brows!"
- Jerry G

"I have blonde eyebrows and had to fill them in every morning. So glad I had this done, they look so defined and the shape is perfect. It's so awesome to wake up with eyebrows!!"
- Kay T

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Laser Hair Removal

"I am amazed all around at how comfortable the hair removal treatments are AND how much of a difference I could see just after my first treatment. I highly recommend laser hair removal at New Skinsations - best decision I've made!"
- Kate D

“I have always gotten really bad razor burn after every time I shaved my legs and bikini area, and my hair grew FAST. I became interested in laser hair removal and visited New Skinsations. I felt extremely comfortable asking questions and getting started. Lindsey is great and made sure that I was comfortable during each of my treatments and discussed my progress with me throughout the process. I was surprised how little I really felt during the treatments and my results are truly amazing. I started noticing less hair growth after each treatment, and started having to shave less and less often. Now after 5 treatments, I have only a few small patches over my legs and bikini areas where hair still grows! I can't wait to finish the rest of my treatments, and enjoying smooth skin – and NO bumps! Thank you New Skinsations!”
- Kelsey S

"I have struggled with unwanted hair growth my whole life. When I was a teenager I was too self-conscious about my legs to ever wear shorts in public because my hair was so dark and coarse. As I got older, my facial hair problem was so bad I could hardly look people in the face when having a conversation. I first tried electrolysis to get rid of the hair on my face, but it was extremely slow and painful. My next experience was with laser hair removal at a clinic here in Jefferson City. It seemed more effective than the electrolysis, but still very painful and irritated my skin for a long period of time following treatments. After several of these treatments and not much to show for it, I tried laser hair removal at New Skinsations, and I was amazed at the results. After just my first treatment, there was so much less growth and what did grow back felt much finer. With each hair removal treatment following the first, comfort and results continued to improve. Not only were the treatments much more comfortable than in my previous experiences, but I could even go back to work right afterwards because there wasn't even any redness after treatment. The girls at New Skinsations were wonderful. They always made me feel very comfortable, and I knew I was in good hands. After having laser hair removal done on my face, arms, and lower legs, I am truly impressed with this procedure and would recommend it to anyone having this issue. I feel so much better about myself!"
- Karen B

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Venus Legacy Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

"I have tried everything from lotions to exercise to tighten and firm the sagging skin on my thighs and nothing helped. I started Venus Legacy body contouring treatments and actually started seeing results from day one. I've lost over an inch from each thigh in less than 2 months time!"
- Crissie

“I was so pleased with the results from my skin rejuvenation treatments that I tried the Venus Legacy to help reduce my fine lines and wrinkles. Everyone says I look great, but they don’t know I had a little help! I now continue with monthly appointments to keep my skin looking great.”
- Rita S

“I was so proud of the work I had put in to lose weight by switching to a good diet and sticking to a daily exercise routine. However, one of the adverse effects of my weight loss, was a less fuller face which made the wrinkles around my eyes more noticeable. It wasn’t so much I looked older, just that I had a tired look about me. The Venus Legacy was the answer to my prayers! Not only did the bags under my eyes almost disappear, but my “crow’s feet” were completely eliminated. I also wanted to reduce the appearance of cellulite on my thighs. There is no amount of exercise that could help me with this. So, once again, I turned to the Venus Legacy for my answer. My thighs are now so much smoother and I have completely ridded myself of my “fat” knees. I now wear dresses and skirts that show off my new legs! I would highly recommend the Venus Legacy to anyone looking for a way to look younger and feel more confident about their body!”
- Kim M

“Venus treatments have made my legs look younger and thinner, as well as my face. No one believes I'm as old as I really am!”
- Patty B

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Venus Viva Nano-Fractional RF Skin Resurfacing

"After having years of severe acne, I've tried so many different products to reduce my acne scarring and it seemed like nothing I did helped. I knew I need to try something different. I was nervous about having Venus Viva treatments, but the staff at New Skinsations was so welcoming and helpful! I have now had 5 Viva treatments, and I see awesome results. However, their amazing service did not end there! They continuously worked with me to finally find me a skin care regimen that works well for me. I am so thankful for the wonderful staff, products, and treatments at New Skinsations!"
- Melora B

"I am very pleased with my results from Venus Viva treatments. My wrinkles have been reduced and my face looks tighter. My skin looks healthier and more radiant."
- Sharon S

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

"After doing a series of skin rejuvenation treatments to reach the results I wanted, I have continued with maintenance treatments over the years to retain them. You know you are doing something right for yourself when other people look at you and ask what you are doing different and why your skin looks so clear, smooth, and youthful. I recently ran across several photos of myself while browsing through old pictures and saw all the reasons I wanted skin rejuvenation in the first place. I knew I had a lot of sun damage from years of sun bathing, but was not aware of how much red undertone I had on my face. Now that all of that has been corrected, it really boosts your confidence level knowing you look your best, especially when others notice it too."
- Susan W

"My husband and I have both had skin rejuvenation treatments with much success. He works outside every day and is not very good about wearing sunscreen. We had both noticed visible sun damage on our skin, and I was amazed at all the color that surfaced and then disappeared after just the first treatment! After my second treatment, most of the dark age spots have completely disappeared! The staff was so great about explaining exactly what was happening and how it was going to feel. They were very professional and made us feel as comfortable as possible, especially my husband, who wasn't sure what I had gotten him into!"
- Katherine B

"I LOVE New Skinsations!! I had a skin rejuvenation treatment done on an age spot I had on my face this spring. It was so fast and easy and pain free!! The staff was so helpful and sweet. It was an awesome experience. I wish I had visited them years ago instead of trying to hide the age spot with concealers etc. because now it is totally GONE!”
- Linda N

“Between sun damage and normal aging, my skin wasn’t looking its best. I decided to try skin rejuvenation treatments and the results were awesome – my skin tone was more even, brighter and healthy-looking. I was so pleased with the results that I tried Venus Legacy treatments to help reduce my fine lines and wrinkles. Everyone says I look great, but they don’t know I had a little help! I now continue with monthly appointments to keep my skin looking great.”
- Rita S

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Professional Facial Treatments

“I have been going to New Skinsations for 8 years. My skin feels great and the neck and shoulder massage was heavenly. Thank you New Skinsations!”
- Pam K

"I am so happy with my skin treatments at New Skinsations! The dermaplane always makes my skin so soft and smooth and the monthly peels have made such a difference in my skin. My dark spots are so much lighter and my skin has such a healthy glow."
- Carla S

"My skin has never felt better since I've been coming to New Skinsations for peel treatments."
- Linda B

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Spa Services

“Eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting are perfect for vacations!”
- Pat B

“I love eyebrow tinting! I have hair on my brows but it's so light. Tinting makes it so easy, and I don't have to worry about drawing them on every day.”
- Mary C

"I have super sensitive skin and can't do waxing. Sugaring is great! It's different... it is more gentle on my skin and doesn't cause irritation like waxing always did. I'm so glad I found this alternative!"
- Becca C 

"I have never had waxing done before and was really nervous. My esthetician at New Skinsations instantly made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy I got it done!"
- Jenna P

"My spray tans always look so natural! It's fast, easy and very professional. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for spray tans."
 - Jessica H

"Airbrush tanning is so much better than a booth! I love that they never miss a spot. It's never streaky or uneven and always looks great."
 - Emily S

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Eyelash Extensions & Lash Lifts

"I LOVE my eyelashes! I hated how they always looked so straight and flat, even when I curled them. But now they have a beautiful curl and look so full!"
- Ashley N

"I've never had lash extensions before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I gave Presha a pretty vague description of the look I was going for, and she nailed it! She made sure I understood the care instructions, and two weeks after application my lash extensions still looked great! I definitely wouldn't go anywhere else!"
- Raelyn R

"I cannot wear mascara. I was doomed with tired eyes. I am ecstatic with the results of my eyelash extensions! Not only am I photo-ready as soon as I wake up, I cannot believe how beautiful and natural they look AND feel. Thank you!!!"
- Laura H

"Perfect for my beach vacation! No need for mascara - they look so natural and beautiful. Held up very well! Still look great after returning home."
- Shelly M

"Lash Lifts are zero maintenance and I love it!  If you have pretty good length and fullness already, the curl you get from the lash lift is amazing."
- Lydia M

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At-Home Skin Care

"I use CE Ferulic with the tinted SPF every day. I now know how important it is to protect your skin. My skin tone is more even, fine lines have improved, and I love how protected, nourished and youthful my skin feels. This product is worth every penny."
- Nancy B

"These products actually work! Don't be skeptical based on past purchases of expensive products others talked you into buying like I was! I should've started my SkinCeuticals regimen here long ago. My skin finally looks and feels great!"
- Cindy S

"I am amazed at what good skin care products have done for my skin. My skin started feeling more hydrated and replenished right from the start. After about 2 months or so of using my products and just a few light peel tratments, I can already see and feel a difference in texture and tone." 
- Kathy M

"My skin was breaking out all the time with every makeup I tried. I finally tried Jane Iredale, and I absolutely love it. I can't believe what a difference just changing my makeup has made - I hardly break out at all. I love the way it feels, that it's super easy to use, and that the makeup won't clog my pores."
- Katie M

"I had been using Jane for a few years and was always frustrated with the way it was wearing on my oily skin. I tried other makeup brands here and there, but always went back to using Jane because it was better. I started coming to New Skinsations and told them how I felt about my makeup and what I was using. She completely changed what I was using, and now I love how it's wearing! I didn't know there were other foundation options and that the person who introduced me to the brand somewhere else had recommended all the wrong products for my skin type. I highly recommend New Skinsations for their product knowledge and more. She also addressed a few of my other concerns and showed me how to apply everything correctly. I am so happy with my makeup!"
- Julie N

“I used to settle for cheaper makeup, I just figured why pay more? I didn't really realize how heavy and chalky it felt, how uneven the coverage was, and the fact that it never really lasted through the day. I guess I just thought most makeup was that way. Then I tried Jane Iredale mineral makeup... I could immediately see what I had been missing! I hardly feel like I’m wearing any makeup, I have fewer break outs, and it lasts all day without having to touch up. Looking in the mirror at my smooth skin, I know I will never use another makeup. The coverage is amazing, it feels great, and looks so naturally flawless; it is most definitely worth that little extra!”
- Kristen D