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Gentle Laser Treatment for
Specific Skin Conditions & Irregularities

The Aerolase Neo Elite is an aesthetic medical laser that provides a premium patient experience unrivaled in dermatology and medical aesthetics. Uniquely gentle, the Neo offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatment for a variety of skin conditions and unwanted skin irregularities as well as comprehensive rejuvenation and skin tightening. The Neo’s unique 650-microsecond technology is attracted to a combination of melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the skin tissue – which contribute to your skin’s signs of aging. The Neo’s energy passes through the skin to selectively heat these targets without adverse effects – resulting in clear, healthy skin.  The 650-microsecond pulse technology also eliminates discomfort during treatment and provides safe, highly efficacious results for even the darkest skin tones.

NeoElite offers gentle, effective laser treatment for a variety of skin conditions and irregularities:

  • Melasma
  • Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Port Wine Stains & Vascular Malformations
  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Ingrown Hairs)
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Scar Revision & Striae (Stretch Marks)
  • Veins (Facial & Leg Veins) & Angiomas
  • Skin Tags


Melasma is a chronic condition that is becoming increasingly common, with some dermatologists citing it as the most commonly seen condition next to acne. Melasma is notoriously difficult to treat. Typical treatments include hydroquinone or other topical compounds, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and Q-switched lasers. However, these treatments may not quite give you the results you need. Other treatment methods have varying degrees of efficacy, side effects can include skin irritation and allergic reactions,  topical medications can be difficult to use regularly, and they only treat melasma at the epidermal layer, leaving melasma at the deeper dermal layer untouched.

The NeoElite goes deeper to treat melasma at the dermal level; its powerful 650-microsecond 1064nm Nd:YAG laser technology breaks up the epidermal pigment while addressing the deeper, dermal melanin and vascular components of melasma.  A recent clinical evaluation showed up to a 50% improvement in melasma as early as 3 weeks after treatment with the Neo.

  • Breaks down hyperpigmentation at the dermal level
  • Decreases hyper-vascularity
  • Penetrates much deeper than topical treatments and Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers
  • Safe for all skin types, even skin of color -- no pain or burning, no hypo- or hyperpigmentation, no skin cooling or anesthesia required

Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail that causes discoloration, thickening, deformation, and separation of the nail from the nail bed.  This condition is contagious and can be transmitted by direct contact or contact with contaminated items such as shoes, socks, or walking barefoot on contaminated surfaces.

In order to superheat and coagulate the soft tissue beneath a finger or toenail and particularly to reach the depth of the nail matrix, it is necessary to use a powerful, deep-heating laser modality within a tolerable pulse duration. NeoElite offers the unique combination of 1064nm wavelength laser energy with optimum sub-millisecond pulse duration. This type of laser is capable of penetrating through the nail and into the nail matrix, heating the tissue in the nail bed to maximize coagulation of soft tissue contaminated with fungus.  approximately 5 to 15 seconds to cover a single nail with laser pulses. 

  • Deep heating power
  • Quick 10-minute procedure (it takes only approximately 5-15 seconds to cover a single nail with laser pulses) 
  • Highly effective even for the most problematic nails

Pigmented Lesions

The NeoElite's unique 650-microsecond pulse technology allows safe and effective use of the 1064nm laser modality to remove pigmented conditions including sun & age spots, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  • Effective & safe for all skin types
  • Targets epidermal & dermal pigment
  • No skin cooling required

Port Wine Stains & Vascular Malformations

Treatments offered soon.

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Ingrown Hairs)

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) is an irritating skin condition most common in darker skin types. Typically caused by shaving, individuals with PFB suffer from ingrown hairs and bumps on the face, neck, and other areas of the body.

Unfortunately, most lasers cause heat-induced skin damage on skin of color patients, which make up the majority of PFB cases. Only one laser has been shown to be the safest option for reducing PFB on skin of color patients — the 650-microsecond Nd:YAG laser.  The breakthrough 650-microsecond pulse technology of the Neo Elite 1064-nm laser is unmatched in terms of efficacy, safety, and gentleness for PFB on skin of color patients.

Conventional hair removal methods, like electrolysis and depilatories, often don’t address PFB or can make the symptoms worse. Laser hair removal, however, has been shown to be the most effective treatment for PFB and the NeoElite makes spot treatment simple.

Unlike other lasers, the NeoElite:

  • has a unique 650-microsecond pulse duration means the laser’s energy passes through the skin quickly and doesn’t overheat the epidermal melanin.
  • selectively targets melanin in the underlying hair and follicle and hyperpigmentation surrounding the lesion.


Psoriasis is a debilitating disease affecting over 8 million Americans. Besides the uncomfortable itchy, flaky, and scaly plaques that are common with the disease, most individuals with psoriasis are burdened with emotional and social side effects.

The NeoElite 650 microsecond laser therapy device provides safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for psoriasis patients of all severities and all skin types. Lasers have been used for years as a treatment modality for psoriasis. But the Neo Elite is different. Compared with pulsed dye lasers, the Neo Elite’s energy travels much deeper into the skin tissue — suppressing inflammation and coagulating feeder vessels.

  • No side effects
  • Unlike other laser devices, the Neo Elite’s handpiece does not touch the skin — providing a safer treatment option
  • Quick clearance
  • Gentler on the skin with less risk of bruising
  • No psoralens, so less risk of complications with patient exposure to treatment UVA and sunlight
  • Shown to be as effective as excimer lasers
  • No maintenance medications to take

Rosacea & Redness

Rosacea is a common, chronic condition affecting over 16 million in the US, many of these individuals feeling like rosacea significantly impacts their daily lives, is difficult to manage, and/or are actively seeking help to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.  Conventional rosacea treatments can be complicated and frustrating. Individuals with rosacea not only experience the obvious redness, bumps, burning, and itching that’s common with the condition, but they may also be experiencing negative effects on their mental health and quality of life.

NeoElite® Nd:YAG laser reduces the redness (erythema), telangiectasias (veins), papules, and pustules of rosacea with simple, quick in-office treatments. Its unique 650-microsecond, 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser targets both hemoglobin and the sebaceous unit to helping those who have rosacea to achieve clearance — with no pain or side effects. Many clients can tell a difference in as little as just one NeoElite treatment.  After your initial series of treatments, maintenance treatments can be done to avoid or treat flare-ups.

  • Suppresses erythema, coagulates telangiectasias, and clears papules and pustules
  • Average of just 3 treatments to achieve clearance
  • No side effects like burning or redness
  • No downtime
  • Treatments are simple and fast -- treatment time ranges from 15-30 minutes 
  • Comfortable treatment without the need for anesthetics or skin cooling
  • Safe for darker skin types
  • Handpiece does not require skin contact

Scar Revision & Striae (Stretch Marks)

NeoElite 1064nm laser can be used to remove vascularity and other pigmentation from existing scars or stretch marks to make them less noticeable.  Also, effectively treats post-inflammatory acne marks.

Veins (Facial & Leg) & Angiomas


The Neo Elite’s unique 650-microsecond, 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser reduces the appearance of veins and redness — with no pain or side effects. Quickly and effectively clears spider veins and facial or leg telangiectasias.

  • Reduces redness. Deeply-penetrating laser has a high affinity for hemoglobin, helping clear spider veins and hemangiomas.
  • Destroys vessels. High power output results in significant energy absorption in the targeted veins and capillaries, leading to destruction or closure of the vessels.
  • Safe on skin, no downtime. Laser energy is delivered in a pulse duration below or close to the thermal relaxation time of human skin tissue, avoiding the overheating of epidermal melanin and the associated potential for pain and side effects.  Safe on darker skin types.  
  • Typically requires only 1 to 2 quick, easy treatments
  • No side effects like burning or redness.
  • No contact handpiece.
  • No cooling or anesthetics required.


Angiomas are unsightly red vascular lesions caused by broken blood vessels that can occur in most body areas of both women and men. While not dangerous, many people wish to remove them.  The NeoElite 650-microsecond laser routinely removes angiomas in just 1 or 2 quick, easy and gentle treatments that only require only a few laser pulses. The 1064nm laser wavelength targets hemoglobin in the broken capillaries and superheats them in order to coagulate the vessels. When this occurs, the angioma will typically immediately blanch and turn grey. This immediate reaction is a good indication that the angioma has been removed, which is highly satisfying for the patient as well.

  • Immediate treatment response
  • Quick, painless procedure
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Requires just 1 to 2 quick, easy treatments

Skin Tags

Photos coming soon.

Before & After

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NeoElite? [+]
The NeoElite is a remarkable device capable of addressing 36 different FDA indications.  This powerful device provides safe and effective treatment of specific skin conditions and/or irregularities for just about any age or skin type. The unique combination of high power within a short pulse duration allows this laser treatment to be very comfortable, without the use of anesthetics, skin cooling, and risk of adverse effects commonly found with the previous generation of lasers.